poor medicine

My boss is kind of people who will not bother her illness until she really can’t get up from bed. She will come to office though she sick, unless her sickness make her dying. Literally.

And I feel so ashame if I absent just because faringitis or influenza strike me.
Even though those sickness is literally killing me. Mix of fever, sore throat, dizzy and stomach cramp. I obviously can’t bear that!! I even lost my appetite!

So, yesterday I finally search for cold medicine. (FYI, I almost never have medicine in my life!!).

This medicine I took is mix of Paracetamol, PPA, GG and CTM. Within 15 minutes my fever start to chillin down. Within 30 minutes I felt like my heart bouncing to random dirrection. I though it beat almost 100 times per minute. I can’t sleep. I’m afraid if I’m having heart attack.

I try to calm my self down by doing yoga breathing. It worked.

This is what I hate about medicine. Medicine would not cure your illness, it relieve your illness symptom. Even worse, it will cause incovinience adverse effect.
If you see warning inside cold medicine package, there are a lot of creepy warning.

That’s why I avoid to take medicine.
I will never ever take any cold medicine!

Love. @seritaro_


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