This is the reason why i never keep my old friend

Old Friend : a person you used to know, exist in your social media, who will pretend you’re invisible in daily basis, but will post negative comment for you every time you make mistake. #urbandictionary

Old Friend : too far to care, close enough to judge #urbandictionary

I have posted so many story of my life. I have new job. My dad’s died. My wedding being canceled. None of those story were commented from my old ‘friend’. Even when my father died, I have almost zero condolence from them who told themselves as my ‘old friend’.

But, every time I posted my ‘new picture’ I always get negative comments. Judgemental comment. For God Sake, that’s not even a naked photograph!

And I just feel like where the hell are you? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ‘FRIEND’?!

Most of people only care for people’s mistake. They will be there watching you falling. Pointing their fucking finger at you. But, when you need helps, they will pretend as you’re invisible. Yeah you know, Old Friend. This is the reason why I never keep my ‘old friend’ close to mine.

Love. @seritaro_


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