Gravity : More than 10m/s

rate ****

It’s a good movie. The plot is thrilling since very beginning. Mix of deadly silence and big bang sound effect is perfectly genius. Though it’s not thrilling as Argo, the thrill could make you feel tired like you’ve been running 10 km.

The idea is so simple : What if you trapped at outer space, there’s no gravity. How would you save your self. The only bad things in this movie is too much Coincidence which made it little bit un natural. Most of story told us about a bad day of Sandra Bullock, where in every scene she had to face bad luck. But still she find the way home to mother earth.

What makes this movie is so unique is the camera is rolling, it rarely stick in straight position. Extremely beautiful view up above earth makes this movie even more interesting.

Wisdom beneath this story is so deep. How we should thank God for gravity, oxygen and atmosphere existence. Without it we probably have died in space.

It’s worth the wait 😀

Love. @seritaro_


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